Anti3 Protect Series Concentrate Is A Powerhouse Cleaner That Disinfects Large Surfaces

Anti3 Protect Series

“We are so proud to promote a surface cleaner that really disinfects without harming the equipment of the facility” –President, Dean Spinato

A facility’s top priority should always be keeping their clients and staff healthy and safe from infections. This can become a very tasking process, specifically for large surfaces such as locker room floors, mats and turf fields that should be frequently disinfected to avoid spreading harmful skin infections. Anti3 Protect Series offers a simple and effective way for facilities to disinfect their large surfaces.

Anti3 Protect Series Disinfectant Deodorizing Concentrate Cleaner is designed for use on large surfaces that require frequent disinfecting to kill bacteria that can cause STAPH, Mat Herpes, MRSA, Impetigo and other harmful skin infections. Wrestling mats, turf fields and floors can be ridden with bacteria, sweat, and blood that can leave someone vulnerable. Specifically, turf fields are typically very difficult to clean making them unsafe for athletes; however, the Concentrate Cleaner makes cleaning turf fields an effective and efficient process. To easily administer the Concentrate Cleaner, simply dilute the formula with water and place the mixture into the Anti3 Protect Series Spray Pump. This dynamic duo makes disinfecting large surfaces easier than mopping and much more effective leaving them safe for use and deodorized.

Not only is this product great for use in sports environments that have been exposed to blood, sweat, and saliva, but also in hospitals and schools. Hospitals and schools are often ridden with germs and they rely on disinfectants to keep their clients safe and infection-free. Anti3 Protect Series Concentrate Cleaner can be…

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