Anahata Ananda of Shamangelic Healing Announces Sessions for the 2018 Sedona Yoga Festival

Amber Brovelli, Yoga Teacher & Artist

My land journey with Anahata helped me to deeply connect my Spirit to the heartbeat and wisdom of Mother Earth. Anahata’s sage wisdom and glowing presence holds a space for soulful expansion.

Energy healer and shamanic soul guide, Anahata Ananda of Shamangelic Healing in Sedona, Arizona will present two workshops at the upcoming Sedona Yoga Festival, a conscious evolution conference in the undisputed spiritual mecca of the American Southwest, February 8-11, 2018. The festival, now in its fifth year, brings together more than 80 thought leaders offering over 200 sessions focusing on yoga, music, energy work and the expansion of consciousness.

Anahata will offer her signature Shamangelic Healing Sedona Vortex Medicine Wheel Journey and a workshop on Quantum Manifestation during the event. “The fast pace of city life, modern technology and lifestyles of convenience have disconnected people from their natural rhythms and synergy with Mother Earth,” said Anahata. “Spending time on the land offers an opportunity to recalibrate your heart to the heartbeat of Panchamama, set your intentions and anchor your prayers into the Earth.”

Land journey participants will experience two of Sedona’s most beautiful and spiritual energy vortexes for deep healing and spiritual awakening—the Amitabha Stupa and a Native American medicine wheel. Anahata will share ancient Shamanic wisdom teachings of the four elements, four directions, four seasons and animal spirit guides, as well as insights about the symbolism of the Stupa as the living embodiment of the Buddha and a place for prayer, meditation and peace.

During her workshop on Quantum Manifestation, attendees will laugh, learn, dance and dive into…

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