An ocean free of plastic

The fight against plastic pollution is one of four main strands of the 2017 Our Ocean Conference that will be hosted by the European Union in Malta on October 5 and 6, 2017.

High-level ocean champions from around the world will gather under the motto ‘Our Ocean – an Ocean for Life’ to underscore the importance of ocean protection and sustainability.

Initiated by the United States in 2014, the Our Ocean Conferences have produced 250 concrete actions across the world, committed over €8.2 billion and designated 9.9 million square kilometres as new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

During this October’s Our Ocean Conference, international delegates will discuss ways to create protected marine areas, encourage a sustain-able blue economy and prevent marine pollution.

In conjunction with the Our Ocean Conference, I am very proud to say that the interactive exhibition, ‘An Ocean Free of Plastic’, is now open to the public at the Malta National Aquarium in Qawra up to October 11.

I would like to thank our partner, the Malta National Aquarium, for its invaluable support. We hope that readers will visit the exhibition to learn more about the impact of plastic pollution in the ocean and what we can all do to prevent it. We encourage readers to contact the Malta National Aquarium to learn about different activities that are being organised for children and youth.

The health of our planet’s oceans determines in large part the health of our own bodies and the health of our economies

Plastic pollution is a serious threat to our oceans, putting fragile ecosystems, marine life, economic livelihoods and human health at risk. Every year 10 million tons of plastic are discharged into the ocean, where they can remain for up to 400 years. ‘An Ocean Free of Plastic’ describes the impacts of micro-plastics on the ocean environment and provides examples of actions individuals can take at home to prevent plastic from ending up in the sea.

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