An interview with Bobby Warshaw, author of ‘When the Dream Became Reality’

Bobby Warshaw’s first book, When the Dream Became Reality, was just released on July 17th. He was nice enough to answer a few questions from the Brotherly Game about some of the themes from the book, as well as sharing some of his thoughts on the American soccer landscape.

Chris Bratton: At the end of the book you said that you didn’t know how you’d feel a week after the book went to publishing. Now that it has been released for a week, how do you feel?

Bobby Warshaw: I actually feel better than I expected. I went back and forth throughout the entire process between “this book sucks so badly” and “this book might not actually suck that bad.” Every other week, I would have a panic attack that I was wasting my time on something that wouldn’t have an impact, and then I would get a spurt of energy and feel like I was doing something really powerful. I can say that I will probably never read the book again, or at least not for a long time. There’s nothing I’ve written over the last five years that I haven’t hated a month later. Even my favorite pieces in which I really felt like I nailed it at the time, I’ve gone back and read and felt disgusted with myself.

While I was writing the book, I tried at first to make everything perfect in hopes of avoiding that feeling of future regret, but I heard something from Aaron Sorkin, producer of Emmy Award winning NBC show The West Wing (among others), that really helped me. He said in an interview that he’s never gone back and watched an episode of West Wing after it aired because he would think it was awful. And this is an Emmy Award-caliber show! When I heard him say that, it allowed me to relax a little bit. So to give you a final answer, I’ll never go back and look at the words because it’ll make me upset, but as a full body of work, I am pleasantly surprised with how I feel.

CB: The MLS-USL connection has really grown since you played at FC Dallas. Do you think it’s an improvement over the reserve team system…

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