American hostage mom describes brutal treatment by Taliban captors

The American mom held hostage by the Taliban for five years says she was beaten and raped as she tried to protect her children from their captors.

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Caitlan Coleman Boyle, 31, from Stewartstown, Pennsylvania — who was abducted while traveling in Afghanistan with her husband, Joshua Boyle, 34, of Perth-Andover, Canada, and had three children in captivity — described the brutal treatment her family endured in captivity, in an exclusive broadcast interview with ABC News.

She said some of their guards “hated children” and targeted their eldest son for beatings, sometimes with a stick, claiming the young boy was “making problems” or being “too loud.” When Coleman Boyle tried to intervene, she was beaten as well. “I would get beaten or hit or thrown on the ground,” Coleman Boyle said.

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Caitlan Coleman Boyle, 31, of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, had three children while in Taliban captivity from 2012 to 2017.

According to her husband, Coleman Boyle sustained serious injuries while fighting to keep their captors from her children.

“She had a broken cheekbone,” Boyle said. “She actually broke her own hand punching one of them. She broke her fingers, so she was very proud of that injury.”

She accused her captors of even more grievous crimes, saying the guards murdered their unborn daughter in a “forced abortion,” and she was later raped by two men in retribution for trying to report the crime to their superiors.

“They just kept saying that this will happen again if we don’t stop speaking about the forced abortion, that this happened because we were trying to tell people what they had done and that it would happen again,” Coleman Boyle said.

The two told ABC News they are speaking out so soon after their release because they want justice for their abusers, hoping Taliban leaders will…

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