Alternative medicine to the rescue

The ever-changing environment around us may sometimes have a negative effect on our health. As a result of this, we tend to fall ill more often as compared to the previous generations in our family. We get more tired than our dads used to at our age. A lot of people say the scientifically created medicines that we use today are the cause of this. There are some who just think that a different way of approaching health issues will be beneficial. In light of this, alternative medicine has risen to success.

Everyone believes each individual is different. So it seems obvious that the health issues affecting every individual will be different. In that case, there should be another way to treat these health issues besides with the help of scientific medication. Alternative medicine is the best way to describe any practice that is put forward as having the healing effects of medicine but is not based on evidence gathered using the scientific method.

Such methods usually include a wide range of health care practices, products and therapies using alternative medical diagnoses and treatments. These practices are typically not included in the degree courses of medical schools or used in conventional medicine. A leader that comes out strongest in the product form of this practice is the cod liver oil. It is rich in vitamins, especially A and D, and Omega-3 acids. Traditionally, it was manufactured by fermenting cod fish livers with sea water for about a year. Now a days, it is manufactured in a controlled environment which does not take as much time. But it is very essential to check the authenticity of the product before using it.

Like many fish, the cod fish is rich in Omega-3 acids. But the cod fish contains less than one percent saturated fat in its meat as compared to other fish. Due to this, the cod liver oil that is obtained also has less fat and can be used in many ways. In the old days, it was directly ingested in the liquid form. But due to the distinct fishy…

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