Google’s parent company Alphabet piqued the most interest from job seekers in 2017, placing it atop LinkedIn’s list of top U.S. companies.

For the second straight year, the social network analyzed billions of actions taken by its more than 500 million users to determine which companies drew the most interest.

What sets Alphabet apart, explained LinkedIn, are “the opportunity and resources employees are given to tackle massive problems, stretching from creating self-driving to impeding extremism.”

Researchers considered a number of factors, including how many people view and apply for jobs at a company, the number of users who want to connect with a company’s employees and how long people are staying at their job.


USA TODAY has the ABC’s of Google’s restructuring which includes Google+, GoogleX, GoogleFiber, Google Ventures, Google Capital and more. Mike Snider reports.
Jerry Mosemak, Mike Snider, Susan Miller and Sara Moniuszko, USA TODAY

Alphabet, run by Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, is actually a collective of companies with different aims ranging from advertising and smart-home devices, to internet infrastructure and self-driving cars. The company earned $21 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2016 alone and has 72,000 employees. 

Big companies like Alphabet, the…