Alberta’s Wildrose, PCs have agreed to merge, sources say – Edmonton

Sources have told The Canadian Press that Alberta’s two conservative parties have struck a tentative deal to merge.

The two party leaders — Brian Jean of the Wildrose Party and Jason Kenney of the Progressive Conservatives — are expected to address the deal at a news conference later today.

Both leaders will speak to media at 1 p.m. MT at the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton.

Any deal would still have to be approved by a majority of members in both parties.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley warned the new entity could offer Albertans extreme positions.

‘They may fall right off the map. I guess if they do, they’ll have company’0:34

 “Whether it’s the Wildrose or the Tories, they clearly agree on things like making massive cuts to services in order to finance tax breaks for people at the top of the one per cent,” Notley said Thursday at an announcement in Carstairs, 65 kilometres north of Calgary.

“They agree collectively on the fact that they’re not particularly sympathetic or supportive of LGBT rights,” the NDP premier added.

“They can’t seem to agree that a school lunch program is a good thing, at least not with us can they agree.

“So, they’re a group that are moving increasingly to more and more extreme positions, to the point where they may fall right off the map. I guess if they do, they’ll have company.”

The Wildrose has previously said it will need 75 per cent or more of its members to OK the deal, while the Progressive Conservatives say they will require a simple majority of 50 per cent plus one.

A group of representatives from both parties has been meeting for the last two months to hammer out a deal.

Kenney won the PC party leadership in March on a platform to merge and both Kenney and Jean have said they’ll run for the leadership of a consolidated party. 

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