Aide Accused of Playing Role in Death of Argentine Prosecutor

Judge Ercolini accused the bodyguards of negligence for allowing the weapon to enter Mr. Nisman’s apartment. He also faulted them for not detecting the shooting when it happened, which the judge said allowed the culprit or culprits to leave the scene undetected and delayed the discovery of the body.

He ordered Mr. Lagomarsino to remain under electronic monitoring pending trial and froze his assets and bank accounts.

Mr. Lagomarsino acknowledged shortly after the prosecutor’s death that the bullet that killed Mr. Nisman, who was shot in the head, came from a handgun he owned. But he has consistently said that Mr. Nisman asked to borrow the weapon after receiving threats against him and his daughters.

Mr. Lagomarsino, who learned of the indictment while he was being interviewed on live television, insisted that he was innocent.

“Alberto Nisman ruined my life,” Mr. Lagomarsino said in a radio interview shortly before Judge Ercolini’s indictment was made public. “He had no idea he would be putting me in the mess that he did.”


Alberto Nisman speaking to journalists in Buenos Aires in 2013. Mr. Nisman, a prosecutor, was found dead in 2015 as he was leading an investigation into the 1994 bombing.

Natacha Pisarenko/Associated Press

Mr. Lagomarsino said the courts should judge him for lending Mr. Nisman a gun “if I committed a crime,” but he insisted that “I have nothing to do with the rest.”

In the 656-page indictment, Judge Ercolini noted that “Nisman was killed with Diego Lagomarsino’s weapon and, at the same time, he was the last person who entered the prosecutor’s apartment.”

Judge Ercolini added that in the wake of Mr. Nisman’s death there were numerous events that led officials to “publicly push the idea of suicide,” contributing to an “almost unambiguous public certainty that…

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