AGT 2017: Mel B stunned by mind reader Colin Cloud

There were plenty of moving performances during Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent, but no contestant left the judges quite has flabbergasted as mind-reader Colin Cloud.

The Scottish 30-year-old blew the minds of the judges with a series of impressive tricks that eventually led him to being sent right through to the Live Shows.

The so-called real life Sherlock Holmes, ‘gets inside your head’ through careful observation in order to pull off his amazing stunts.

All in the mind: Scottish mind reader Colin Cloud, 30, impressed the judges with a series of tricks on Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent

His latest appearance on the show saw him lick Mel’s hand and correctly deduce that she’d recently eaten ‘eggs and potato chips’.

After that display, Howie, who he had also asked for assistance for his performance, was not so willing to put up his hands. 

Luckily, Colin rather handed him a cell phone with a six-digit code needed to unlock it, and asked the other three judges – Simon Cowell, DJ Khaled and Heidi Klum – to each choose a number.

Howie typed the numbers into the phone and then was told by Colin that ‘the last three digits are going to pop into your head.’

Up close and personal: He started out by licking Mel B’s hand and guessing that she had eaten eggs and potato chips that day 

Hitting the mark: He then correctly guessed a secret of Mel’s and whispered it in her ear

Then, with the odds of guessing such a code being around one in a million, Howie typed in the numbers that popped into his head and the phone unlocked. 

‘Let’s hear it for the world’s newest mind reader, Howie Mandell!’ Colin told the audience as Howie looked totally stunned. 

Next, he turned to Mel once again and revealed that he knew a secret that she wouldn’t ‘want everyone else to know,’ and that he would whisper it in her ear.

As he leaned over and inaudibly whispered to the…

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