AGiRepair Launches New iPad and MacBook Air Case + Protection Program for School District 1:1 Initiatives

Leading mobile device repair company, AGiRepair, is expanding its K-12 solution offerings in support of 1:1 initiatives across the country. Their newest program, AGiProtect is aimed at helping technology departments end the guessing involved with budgeting funds for their iPad and MacBook Air repairs.

Combining the most important features for protecting technology investments, AGiProtect includes durable, high quality iPad and MacBook Air cases as well as free and unlimited accidental damage repair coverage.

With the program, cracked screens, headphone jacks, home buttons, speakers, charging ports, and many other repairs are covered with no deductible. When accidents do happen, all repairs will be performed by AGiRepair in their state-of-the-art repair facility at no added cost, including free shipping to and from the AGiRepair facility. AGiRepair has been in the mobile device repair business for 16 years, providing peace of mind by using excellent quality parts and having experienced technicians performing the most intricate of repairs.

Districts on the verge of implementing a 1:1 initiative have many options to weigh for protecting and repairing their costly devices.

Here are 5 reasons why school districts are choosing AGiProtect to safeguard their devices:

1. All-In-One Solution: AGiRepair has taken a complicated problem and provided a simple solution. They handle all of the repairs, provide durable cases for protection, all with unlimited accidental damage repair coverage!

2. One-Time Fixed Cost: AGiProtect eliminates uncertainty and unpredictable repair costs for 1:1 initiatives. The program is a simple, predictable, and affordable way to safeguard devices for 2, 3, or 4 years.

3. Protective and Durable Cases: With AGiProtect, the…

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