Advocates calling to end euthanization of healthy pets for owners’ convenience – Nova Scotia

Animal advocates are calling for an end to the euthanization of healthy pets purely for their owners’ convenience, a practice Canadian veterinarians acknowledge is an unfortunate fact of their profession.

“Unfortunately in law, animals are considered a property so what happens to them is up to what the owner decides,” said Dr. Eric Carnegy, owner and senior veterinarian at the Carnegy Animal Hospital in Halifax.

“We live in a society where there are way more pets or animals looking for homes than there are homes. And what do you do with them?”

Veterinarians’ associations say fewer vets are willing to perform convenience euthanasia, but the profession does not prohibit it.

No laws against it

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) guidelines appear silent on what vets should do when owners ask to have apparently healthy family pets euthanized, although the group does include among its ethical principles a statement that “humane euthanasia of animals is an ethical…

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