AdSense Secrets 5 by Joel Comm – A Review

Joel Comm, the New York Times Bestselling author of the AdSense secrets has released another series of his popular ebook. This is already the 5th edition. Some people might be delighted and all they can say is- Wow! Joel Comm has another book on AdSense Secrets?!

It’s been six years that this book is circulating in the market and the AdSense Secrets by Joel Comm has always been the definitive guide to making money with Google AdSense. Thousands of people have read his ebooks and implemented his strategies for generating passive income with their websites.

When this book first came out buyers were astonished when they made the tiny changes Joel recommended and saw their Adsense earnings skyrocket. The last edition was released in 2008, but Joel just announced the brand new 5th edition of AdSense Secrets! This massive ebook has been completely revised and updated for 2011, and it contains all the latest strategies for making money with AdSense.

What makes this different from the previous editions?

The 5th edition has a lot more to offer which includes lifetime access to the official member site containing many bonuses including videos of Joel speaking on stage, webinars, tutorial videos and bonus reports. You will also discover that:

It’s possible to have your Share in the Multi-Billion Dollar AdSense Pie
There are Great Ways to Build an Adsense Ready Website With out a Domain or Hosting
There are Secrets to Tweaking and Optimizing your Advertisements for Optimum Income
You can use Google’s Customized Search engine to Catch Fickle Guests
You can Influence Your Advertisements with Section Targeting Keywords Using Special Codes
It’s easy Understanding your AdSense Stats, Channels and Split Testing
You can Use Google Analytics to Optimize your AdSense Income

You will also Learn:

What Smart Pricing is and What Does it Say of your Earnings
Whether AdSense for RSS Feeds and Mobile are Perfect for you
How to Build Good quality Long Term Traffic for Steady AdSense Revenue

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