A new Star Wars book and 4 other gifts for book lovers

Here are five ideas on what to buy the bookworms in your life.


“Andy Warhol: Seven Illustrated books 1952-1959,” Reuel Golden, Benedikt Taschen, editors

Before Warhol found massive fame in the 1960s, he handmade seven books for friends and contacts, each of them featuring his unique drawings and quirky creativity, each focused on obsessions with subjects such as cats, shoes, food, men and women. Given the extremely limited numbers that were made, they’ve been bought and sold for thousands of dollars over the years. Now Taschen has reproduced them all in as close to the originals as possible in this box set.

Cost: $200

Find it: Taschen stores in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills or all the usual online booksellers.

Web: Taschen.com


“Smithsonian Rock and Roll: Live and Unseen,” Bill Bentley

Two years ago, the Smithsonian set up a website and invited anyone and everyone to submit photographs of bands, fans, concerts and other moments along the spectrum of rock and roll music. From those submissions about 300 were selected and music journalist Bill Bentley has written the text to go along with the images, which as the title suggests, are not at all the…

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