A national identification super card


By Dickson Igwe, Contributor

In a very dangerous world where the criminal and terrorist hold crucial aces in the pack, to steal, maim, and murder, a national identification mechanism that is required to be held by every resident is no longer an option.

Anonymity is too easy for criminals and terrorists.

There are thousands of criminals who have fraudulently changed their identities, walking anonymously in civil society, and who are dangerous to community. Porous borders make it easy for criminals and undesirables to infiltrate a vulnerable community.

A national ID card offers a great tool to law enforcement in the fight against crime. It will enhance community safety, and wellbeing.

Now, with today’s digital environment, a national ID card can actually be a great convenience. Imagine all the cards in your wallet from your driver’s license, social security card, health insurance card, to your credit and debit cards, all amalgamated into one card: a card that is backed up by secure data that can be swiftly replaced if lost. The technology to do this is here today.

A national ID card will be uniform, and difficult to alter or forge. It will be difficult to lose intentionally because of GPS tracking technology.

It will not get lost in the maze of multiple bureaucracies as these bureaucracies will link with the central secure database that holds the information of every card holder, and will of course be backed up securely.

A national ID card could actually make government more efficient by enabling greater cross functionality, and effective information sharing.

Strict criteria must be met for any police officer or investigator asking to see an individual’s national ID card.

Although required to be carried by all residents, the card should only ever be demanded in the course of an investigation, or valid suspicion of criminal activity.

Of course a central agency coordinating this “pooling of national data’’ will have to…

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