A Huge Food Industry Strike Is Coming

Since the Trump administration moved into the White House some 60 days ago, millions of people across the country have been galvanized into activism — and another large-scale labor strike is being planned for May Day. The impending May 1 strike is being projected to include more than 300,000 non-union food chain workers, according to Buzzfeed News, as well as tens of thousands of unionized service workers such as security guards and janitors.

The charge is being led by the Food Chain Workers Alliance, a coalition of worker groups representing not only restaurant workers, but also farm laborers, meat processing plant employees, street vendors, warehouse employees, and others involved in the U.S. food chain. Also participating in the movement is Restaurant Opportunities Center United, which played a significant role in organizing last month’s immigrant strike and was one of several labor groups that mounted opposition to failed Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder.

“The vital labor of food workers feeds communities across this country. Yet, our jobs are some of the lowest paid in the nation and we struggle to put food on our own families’ tables,” the FCWA wrote in a Facebook post announcing the strike. “We will not sit by as families are shattered by immigration raids, Native sovereignty is violated, Muslims are banned, and Black and Brown communities face even more criminalization, trans people excluded and while corporate interest drive down wages, safety protections, organizing rights, and rapidly destroy the environment. On this international day of action, we strike for dignified jobs for all.”

Like the recent Day Without an Immigrant and Day Without a Woman protests, participants are being encouraged to stay home from work and school and to avoid buying anything that day. To help ensure the strike is successful in being felt at all levels of the food industry, the FCWA is also crowdfunding a hardship fund to support low-income workers who…

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