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Disneyland unveiled a model of “Star Wars” land this week at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. The area under construction is expected to open in 2019. Here’s a look at where you might get to fly the Millennium Falcon.

Where in the world

The land is not based off any particular place in the popular movie series. It is a whole new planet. What we do know is, as far as the movie timeline goes, the setting will be during that of the most recently released films, where the First Order and Resistance are the forces at war.
Entering the area from the west, where Frontierland is, visitors will approach what looks like a base for the Resistance.

Ride 1: In this area of the park, Disneyland has said it is building an immersive attraction that puts visitors in the middle of a climactic battle. The attraction will take place inside the large, rocky formation in the photo.

Bob Chapek, chairman of The Walt Disney Co. Parks and Resorts, described the First Order ride as an immersive experience that “defies categorization.”

The north side will have two entry points. One will be a tunnel from the Fantasyland area, and the other will be through an arch near Mickey’s Toontown. This area looks to be more under control by the First Order with a TIE fighter parked on the north side. It will feature loads of First Order troops.

Ride 2: Tucked under the largest mountain of “Star Wars” land sits the Millennium Falcon. The second ride will let visitors take the controls of the Millennium Falcon on customized secret missions.

The area will also feature many costumed people in character and a cantina like the one in the first film released in 1977 at a city called Mos Eisley.

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