A 47-Year-Old Property and A $1 million 9 Month Turnaround

Beautiful amenities complement the amazing location

It is clear that DF Multifamily has a formula for success and we could not be where we are without the experience that DF brings to the table.

In today’s highly competitive environment, attracting and maintaining shares from the many diverse choices available to consumers in today’s rental market is a significant challenge. That challenge is only amplified when dealing with a 47-year-old asset that has long established itself in the community without the variety of amenities that may attract a larger pool of residents and command higher rents.

A high level of planning, experience and foresight comes into play as most properties would take 1-2 years to see such marked improvements but, in this case, high-performing turnaround was accomplished in less than 9 months. Chadwick Manor, located in Baltimore, Maryland is a 416-unit property with a long-standing reputation as a great place to live known for its attractive location near good schools, medical services and shopping. “We have always enjoyed a lot of success with the Chadwick Manor community over the years, but we knew there was an opportunity for improved efficiencies”, according to the Trustees of the property.

That is where DF Multifamily, a division of Drucker + Falk, one of the nation’s premier property managers came into the picture. “We saw the same opportunity as the owner of Chadwick Manor and together we created a vision for a rejuvenated living community for a better resident living experience and for increased returns for the owner”, remarked Andrew Chisholm, Director of DF Multifamily. The teams at DF Multifamily developed a plan of action that included:

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