9 male celebrities who’ve opened up about body image

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Some of the world’s biggest stars, including Ed Sheeran, Robert Pattinson and Chris Pratt struggle with body image

Noel Fielding told the Sunday Times earlier this week that he “can’t put on weight” because he gets more work when he’s thinner.

He later clarified his comments but the new Great British Bake Off host had lifted the lid on a big issue.

The beauty standards imposed on women in media are nothing new, but the experiences of their male counterparts have often been overlooked.

In recent years, more male stars have spoken out about their struggles.

This week, Blue singer and stage actor Antony Costa spoke about the fat-shaming abuse he faced on social media and explained the pressures of showbusiness.

“Me as a bloke being in this business, it’s hard because you’ve got to keep up with the Joneses, you’ve got to been seen to have the six pack.” he told ITV’s Lorraine.

In a 2016 survey of more than 1,000 boys aged between eight and 18, 55% said they would consider changing their diet to look better and 23% said they believed there was “a perfect male body to strive for”.

The survey also found that the four biggest sources of pressure on secondary school boys to look good were:

  • Friends (68%)
  • Social media (57%)
  • Advertising (53%)
  • Celebrities (49%)

Despite the relentless pressure that young men can feel from the media, the survey found that more than half of the boys (56%) would find it difficult to talk to a teacher about their confidence and nearly one-third (29%) would find it difficult talking to their parents about it.

Here are nine male celebrities who have spoken out about body image and are calling on the media to change their attitudes.

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