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The frantic mad rush to get to the airport during the holidays is such a common trope, the Home Alone franchise centred two movies around it.

But while the McCallister family had a hard time getting through the airport with all their children in tow, an internal survey conducted for the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority shows that is not usually the case in Canada.

The level of confidence passengers have in security screening is the highest it has been since CATSA, a Crown corporation, began tracking customer satisfaction five years ago, according to an internal government report released to CBC News under the Access to Information Act.

Four out of five passengers said they had confidence in the security screening procedures at Canada’s airports, rating the process five, six or seven out of seven. 

Only 14 per cent of passengers said they had a moderate sense of confidence (four out of seven) while five per cent of respondents reported having a low sense of confidence (three or less out of seven.) 

Every quarter, CATSA asks travellers at the Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver airports to rate their current and past experiences going through security.

The survey, conducted between Feb. 13 and March 3, 2017, recorded an overall satisfaction rate of 86 per cent when it came to the airport screening process — a two-point increase over the same period in 2016, according to a report on the survey prepared for government stakeholders.

“Passengers continue to attribute confidence in the screening process to thorough and effective screening procedures,” said the document.

Mathieu Larocque, spokesperson for CATSA, said people only hear about the negative stories but most people have a pleasant experience.

“It’s a reflection on the screening officers,” he said.

Perceived wait times lowest in Montreal

The CATSA report said the average perceived wait time was just under 10…

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