8 Ways Activated Charcoal Can Help You Heal & Detox

When you think of charcoal, your olfactory receptors may invoke the aroma of skewers on the barbie or a cozy campfire. However, there are miraculous benefits of this chalky black substance. Turns out, charcoal, which is derived from carbon, isn’t limited to cooking or snuggling fireside.

Activated charcoal is created through a process that infuses oxygen to create millions of tiny pores over a surface area. This porosity allows for the absorption of odors and other organic chemicals, toxins and gases, making it ideal for detoxification.

Charcoal boasts many superpowers, but not all charcoal is created equal. Sustainable charcoal, the ideal choice, is made from sustainably managed forests that use ecologically sound harvesting methods and kiln techniques for better efficiency. Bamboo charcoal is a superior choice due to its inherent absorption properties and rapid renewability.

8 Surprising Uses & Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal

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1. Reduce Acne and Prevent Breakouts

If you’ve got oily skin, don’t hide that beautiful face. Instead, scrub annoying breakouts away with the Bamboo Charcoal Dew Puff. I personally use this and can sing its praises, especially in the shower (I’ll spare you the high notes). While it’s initially hard to the touch, once wet, the Dew Puff melts in your fingertips, allowing you to scrub your face gently while the activated carbon and minerals do their thang. This sponge is all-natural and derived from the Asian konjac root (as a vegan, something I delight in). So, while this sponge is (almost) safe enough to eat, it’ll help prevent future acne while the antioxidants fight bacteria. At a mere $8, your wallet — and your flawless, zit-free skin — will thank you.

2. Cleanse Your Body

Speaking of scrubbing away toxins, the pureSOL biodegradable, 100 percent natural sponge is also made from the konjac root and contains activated charcoal and minerals for further exfoliation and detoxing by absorbing…

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