6 ways Winnipeg living will cost you more in 2018 – Manitoba

Every year, living costs you more. But not everything gets more expensive at the same rate. 

Here are six City of Winnipeg fees or taxes that are set to rise at a rate that exceeds the rate of inflation, based on the consumer price index hovering around 2.1 per cent: 

Winnipeg Transit

If you board a Winnipeg Transit bus on Jan. 1, a full cash fare will cost you $2.95, up 25 cents from 2017. This is the largest transit hike in more than a decade and Mayor Brian Bowman blames it on a provincial decision to end a long-term deal by which Manitoba used to cover half of Winnipeg Transit’s non-fare-supported operating costs.

The fare hike also means a weekly transit pass will cost $26 instead of $23.50, a monthly pass will rise to $100.10 from $90.50 and an annual pass will rise to $1,107.60 from $1,001.40.

Expect a last-minute bus-pass purchase rush this weekend.

Property taxes

The coming year will be the fourth in a row where the municipal portion of your property taxes will rise another 2.33 per cent.

This will cost the average Winnipeg household $39.48, based on the notion the average Winnipeg home has an assessed value of $296,560 in 2018.

Remember, municipal property taxes do not include the provincial property taxes that pay for education, even though the city has to collect those taxes on behalf of the province. School boards can and do hike taxes at whatever rate they see fit.

Downtown parking

Starting on April 1, 60 minutes of parking on a street where you pay a loonie an hour right now will cost you $2.50. An hour of parking on what now a toonie-an-hour space will cost you $3.50.

Parking fees are rising $1.50 an hour on April 1, while the early-bird discount for paying parking tickets will be reduced to 25 per cent. (Jeff Stapleton/CBC)

This $1.50-an-hour rise is supposed to increase turnover by motivating more motorists to pull into surface-parking lots or parkades. It also generates more revenue for the city, which in turn…

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