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Here are Huntington Beach highlights of ReportsOnHousing house-hunting data for resales of existing detached and attached residences in the community.

This analysis includes October trends based on closed sales: sale counts; average price vs. average list price; highest and lowest price paid in the month; average cost per square foot and average size; plus, based on broker listing networks stats on Nov. 20, the “market time” metric comparing supply of listings to new escrows opened in past 30 days.

Trends we saw in Huntington Beach …

1. Sales: 165 sold vs. 173 a year ago.

2. Average sales price: $889,187 that ranked No. 14 out of 46 Orange County markets tracked and was up 7.6 percent in a year.

3. Compared to list: Sellers got 98.6 percent of what they typically asked for, ranking 24th of the 46 markets.

4. Range: High sale of $3,980,000 vs. the $300,000 low.

5. Sizing: On average, buyers paid $483 per square foot — up 6.4 percent in a year and 8th highest out of the 46 tracked.

6. Market speed, as of Nov. 30: 47 days, listing to escrow opened vs. 60 days a year ago and 56 days two years ago.

Compare these patterns to five October trends we saw in all of Orange County …

1. Sales: 2,553 sold vs. 2,575 a year ago, off 1 percent.

2. Average sales price: $868,090, up 10.4 percent in a year.

3. Compared to list: 98.4 percent.

4. Sizing: On average, buyers paid $464 per square foot — up 11.3 percent in a year — on a 1,870 square-foot residence.

5. Market speed, as of Nov. 30: 62 days vs. 73 days a year ago and 75 days two years ago.


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