50 years of Malcolm Smith Motorsports

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Dealership celebrates anniversary with party, museum opening

“Fifty years is a very long time,” Alexander Smith exclaimed at the 50th anniversary party for Malcolm Smith Motorsports. 

But for his father, the founder of the dealership, the time moved at a more rapid pace. “Fifty years has gone way too fast. Alexander said 50 years takes a long time. It really doesn’t; it goes real quick,” Malcolm Smith countered. 

The Smith family welcomed a couple hundred friends, employees, former employees and business partners to the Malcolm Smith Motorsports 50 Legendary Years anniversary gala on Aug. 18, as they celebrated and unveiled the new Malcolm Smith Museum. Powersports Business gladly accepted its invitation.

“When we talked about having a 50-year celebration, I wanted to invite 100 good friends and people who helped me along the way in life. There seems to be a lot more than 100 here tonight. Some of the people I haven’t seen in a long time; some of the people I do business with; and some of the people worked for me for a long time and don’t anymore, retired. I’m glad to know all of you, and it’s really, actually humbling to be here,” Malcolm Smith said in an address to those in attendance. 

Building the dealership

Malcolm Smith Motorsports started from humble beginnings. Smith, who owned his first scooter at the age of 13 and his first motorcycle at 15, became an enthusiast at a young age. He entered his first hare scramble shortly after buying that first motorcycle, a 1949 500cc Matchless. 

In 1961, Smith met Kenny Johnson and Norm McDonald, owners of K&N Motorcycles in Riverside, California, and the duo asked Smith to become the service manager at their shop. 

“When I went to college, I quit to go to work in a motorcycle store. My parents said I’d starve to death. Anyway, it hasn’t happened yet,” Smith joked. 

After five years with K&N Motorcycles, Smith purchased the service…

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