5 Reasons Why Orlando Jones Founded a New Animation Studio

Orlando Jones announces launch of new animation studio

Entertainment moves blindingly fast these days, and fans want to stay engaged 365 days a year. We’ve found a way for animation to deliver that, and give fans the ability to create their own animation as well.

Comedian and actor Orlando Jones, fresh off his role as Anansi in Starz’ acclaimed new series American Gods, has some big ideas on how animation can keep up in today’s media world. To put these ideas in practice, he’s launching HOT Chocolate Studios, a new model of animation content studio, along with animation and tech industry veterans Harold Moss and Tom Vedel. Here’s what he had to say about his new venture.

Why start an animation studio?

I’ve been a hard-core animation fan since Mad magazine. Nearly pissed myself when I got to audition for Mad TV. Then Jeffrey Katzenberg and Leslie Feldman cast me in Father of the Pride on NBC. Suddenly, I was working on the most expensive CGI animated TV show ever produced. I learned so much from the Dreamworks animation team. In 2005, I started producing diversity focused animation for mobile, digital, and broadcast TV. The adventures of Chico & Guapo on MTV2 was the first multicultural, multi-platform content Viacom ever put on iTunes. It still airs throughout Latin America. 

Why is the studio called HOT Chocolate?

HOT equals Harold, Orlando & Tom. The Chocolate part is just how we feel about the delicious mix of animation and technology.

Harold Moss is an Award-winning animator and founder of New York animation house FlickerLab. He’s collaborated with Michael Moore, Stephen Colbert and done films, television projects, political campaigns, educational series, interactive learning systems, games, apps, e-books,…

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