40 years after writing novel, veteran self-publishes

Forty-two years ago, Milton Jones finished a historical novel he’d written for fun using a 1927 Underwood typewriter. He then put it in a shoebox and shoved it under his bed.

Jones, a Norfolk native and Vietnam-era Army veteran, never intended to share or sell his book, “Ultimate Obsession.”

“I didn’t think much of it,” Jones, 75, said sitting in his Portsmouth home on Sept. 8.

But Jones’ sister Carolyn O’Neal, 15 years his junior, recently self-published a novel of her own and started a one-woman publishing company in Charlottesville. She told Jones to send her that old manuscript and then toiled to scan each page into a computer.

“I just thought this is such a good story, let’s go ahead and just put it out there,” O’Neal said. Jones’ enthusiastic response: “Sure.”

Two years later, the siblings have published “Ultimate Obsession” on Amazon. The plot, according to its Amazon page:

In the aftermath of World War Two, college student…

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