4 Jewelry Projects Using Crimp Beads

If you are a crafter and into jewelry making, you know that several of your projects are going to involve crimp beads. These beads are small and made of soft metal. When used, they are squeezed shut to secure parts of any threading material onto a clasp. They are a must when making homemade jewelry. Here are four jewelry craft projects using these special beads.


Beaded earrings are an easy homemade jewelry craft project. Using some beading wire, needle-nose pliers, and your choice of beads, you can create some great looking earrings. Once you figure out your bead pattern, lay the beads out in order, and place them on your beading wire. When you are satisfied with the look, you create your loop that will attach to the earring finding. In order to create the loop, you will need a crimp bead to finish. Without it, your earring would fall apart.


Homemade bracelets can make great additions to your wardrobe or can make great gifts. They are pretty simple to make and like earrings, require only a few tools. Select your stringing material, your beads or other items that will adorn the bracelet, and your clasp. You can craft all sorts of bracelets. You could use number beads, glass beads, or any of the many types of beads out there. Whatever you use, make sure to cut your wire with some extra length. Have your beads set up in the order that they will be placed on the bracelet. Fashion your loop at one end of the bracelet, put on the beads, and then prepare to put on the clasp. Your clasp will be attached with the help of another crimp bead. Once your clasp is on, you’ve got yourself a new homemade bracelet!


Necklaces are always a fun jewelry project as you can create all kinds of new designs. Just like constructing a bracelet, you will lay out your beads in order and then place them on your wire. The crimp beads, which are very easy to work with, will finish the ends of the necklace. On one end you will attach the clasp and the other end…

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