3 Ways to Improve Office Productivity

The efficiency and productivity of an office is essential to profitability and growth. How to improve productivity is a question on almost every manager’s mind, and ambitious employees are constantly looking for ways to improve their performance and shine in the office.

Performance management

Performance can often be improved with a few simple adjustments. Organization is key, and cutting clutter is a big step in the right direction. Employees will benefit by simply clearing off their desks of all non-essential items, such as decorations, pictures, and plants. These items can be placed elsewhere in the cubicle or hung up, to free up valuable work space. Another essential tool is a to-do list. Having the things one needs to do written down and categorized, for easy viewing, will relieve distractions and worries about forgetting something important. This streamlined approach allows one to dive into the day’s tasks in an orderly and efficient fashion. Allowing time for breaks is essential to success. Short breaks will stimulate and refresh employees’ mind and motivation, particularly, if some physical activity is encouraged and provided for,. The importance of a healthy diet and adequate hydration should not be underestimated. Proper nutrition will reduce distracting cravings, blood-sugar crashes, and lethargy.

Performance evaluations

It is of the utmost importance to analyze the core causes of productivity lapses, before searching for solutions. Is there a lack of communication in the office? Do employees need more stimulation or motivation? Is more help or delegation needed? Perhaps time needs to be invested in further training. Begin by eliminating the easy problems, such as too much paperwork being circulated. It is important to receive employee input and feedback about problems and potential solutions. Getting employees involved in finding solutions will increase collaboration and motivate them to participate. This lets them know they are respected…

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