3 Things that make your PC slow while you are browsing the internet

Everyone one us hates sluggish computers especially if one is surfing the internet. We go on the internet every day because of our increased dependence on the web for various requirements related to education, office, medical care, travel and entertainment.

We today depend on internet for various business and personal transactions like sending e-mails, information searches, posting video clippings or being on the social network hubs like Facebook or Twitter. Because of these activities, which we do frequently we end up saving lot of online files that make the PC or laptop slow down. Internet browsing plays a major role in making our PC slow as we unwillingly save a lot of temporary internet files and cookies on our system.

However, this problem can be partly resolved by installing an effective antivirus program but it is not resolved entirely as it is majorly associated to three areas including available RAM (Random Access Memory), Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Internet browser, hardware issues and search engine cache. 

In this article we are discussing these problems and suggesting what all you can do to either decrease their impact to the minimum or get rid of them altogether.

The problem of slow running PC mainly begins with your RAM and CPU storage and memory which mostly become insufficient for extensive internet browsing. Moreover, the PC starts running slow when the RAM and CPU storage reaches near to it full capacity. These components of your computer become unable to run more applications and programs once the RAM and CPU are fully utilized.

To make your PC run properly, you may sometime require removing applications and programs that are no more important for you. Remember, not to remove or disable the applications including antivirus programs and firewall applications that help your PC run smooth and faster. So while removing applications from your PC, remove only those that are needlessly occupying system resources. In this way you can create…

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