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Month: February 2017

What’s the buzz? Pot-growing lights vex ham radio operators

Retired Coast Guard officer Roger Johnson sometimes notices a harsh buzz when he turns on his amateur radio, and he blames high-powered lighting used to grow pot. Amateur radio operators say the legalization of marijuana is creating a chronic nuisance thanks to interference caused by electrical ballasts that regulate indoor lamps used to grow pot. […]

How Can Studying In A Certified Financial Planner School Benefit You?

As you try for your objective of turning into a Certified Financial Planner it is indispensable that you have the learning and aptitudes that CFP expert is should have. That is achievable provided that you will study in a Certified Financial Planner School. This is a school that furnishes an exclusive expectation of training in […]

Brooke Romney: I don’t care if my kids get A’s

The argument is as old as school itself. “Why do you care so much about my grades?” This is often followed by a long list of who gets paid big bucks for A’s, whose parents don’t care at all if they have a D, and a million reasons why B’s are absolutely fine. With this […]

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