2017 Rising Stars: Daniel Wiseman goes from music to games to children’s books | Books

Daniel Wiseman’s first books came out this month. They’re how-to manuals — like, how to give a lion a bath or care for an elephant with a cold.

The illustrator says his style is “sort of messy and colorful.” The human characters have just four fingers and sometimes simple U-shaped mouths. Just the sort of thing his audience would like.


“When Your Lion Needs a Bath”


“When Your Elephant Has the Sniffles”

At ages 2 to 4, Wiseman’s audience is too young to read but old enough to appreciate the complexities of feeling sick or being afraid of a big tub of water. His illustrations show kids solving tasks that can be troublesome. Stuffed-up noses may need a room free from dusty allergens, for example. And maybe a fearful lion would like hair products labeled “Pretty Kitty.”

For a guy who loved drawing characters from “The Simpsons” and art from Grateful Dead albums, his new projects skew more traditional than his past ones.

Wiseman, 37, is the chief creative officer for Pixel Press, which…

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