2017 Business IT: The Year In Review

Business leaders that leverage these developments are more likely to prosper in the new year.

A NYC area business technology consultant and MSP recaps 2017 business IT (information technology) developments in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The firm cites numerous cyber-attacks and cyber-security challenges as the major IT story of the year.

In the informative article, the company also identifies small business cloud computing, new and updated Microsoft technologies, and increasing Internet of Things (IoT) usage as significant developments. A brief look ahead to 2018 with advice for business leaders concludes the business technology review.

“Protecting business assets and technology to drive increased revenues got our attention in 2017,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO of eMazzanti Technologies. “Business leaders that leverage these developments are more likely to prosper in the new year.”

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “2017 Business IT: The Year in Review.”

“For small and midsize business owners, 2017 brought a greater awareness of cyber-security. Cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) moved further into the mainstream. And, a host of new and improved tools streamlined the way we do business. To sum it up, 2017 business IT generated headlines and opportunities.”

Cyber-security in the News

“While businesses reeled from WannaCry ransomware and its cousins, Equifax announced that hackers had gained access to the personal data of 143 million Americans. Prompting additional caution, experts warned that cyber-criminals would increasingly focus their attacks on small business…”

Microsoft Powers Business

“Looking at business tools, 2017 brought exciting improvements and new…

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