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Month: July 2016

Sanchez and Harel: Boosting computer-science literacy – Houston Chronicle

Sanchez and Harel: Boosting computer-science literacy By Rene Sanchez and Idit Harel July 31, 2016 We often hear that access to computers and especially broadband is a key element to helping close the digital divide that still gapes in our nation. There’s another, less visible frontier – one that’s arguably more important – in the […]

Stanford's 'Jackrabbot' paves way for social robotics – The Stanford Daily

Stanford researchers in the Computational Vision and Geometry Lab have designed an autonomously navigating robot prototype that they say understands implicit social conventions and human behavior. Named “Jackrabbot” after the swift but cautious jackrabbit, the visually intelligent and socially amicable robot is able to maneuver crowds and pedestrian spaces. (Courtesy of Computational Vision and Geometry Lab) […]

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