2 area cheerleaders make Morehead State All-Girl squad | News

MOREHEAD Two area cheerleaders will be part of Morehead State University’s All-Girl Squad next season.

Ashland’s Sarah Brake and Greenup County’s Rikki Riffe were among girls who made the team after more than 20 tried out for the national championship winning squad.

MSU’s All-Girl squads have won 41 national cheerleading championships.

“It’s an honor to wear the M across my chest,” Brake said. “This is the most prestigious cheerleading team in the nation.”

Riffe already knows a little something about national championships have won white jackets with Greenup County High School in 2015 and this year.

She was also a national partner stunt champion in 2015.

“I look at it like this,” she said. “If Greenup where a college, they’d be Morehead. If Morehead were a high school, they’d be Greenup.”

Riffe is looking forward to cheering with Brake.

“I met her at a Morehead (cheer) clinic,” she said. “We didn’t know each other but knew of each other. Now it so happens we’re on the same team.”

Brake said cheering for Morehead State is a dream come true. She has been cheering since she was in the third grade.

“Amanda Lewis Gillum, my coach at Ashland, was a Morehead cheerleader,” Brake said. “She taught me everything about cheerleading.”

Brake is also glad to be close to home and on a cozy campus.

Riffe was considering either Morehead State or UK but learned the Kentucky team needed only four cheerleaders.

“It’s always been between Morehead and UK,”she said.

Brake said she was considering UK, too, but not for cheering.

“It was between UK and not cheering and Morehead and maybe cheering,” Brake said. “My family is happy I’m still cheering.”

Riffe said she has been cheering since sixth grade and has cheered varsity for Greenup County since her eighth-grade…

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