10 Terrifying Ghost Stories That Actually Happened To Celebrities

Regardless of what you may believe, there are people who have seen or at least felt ghosts. Celebrities, especially, have a lot of creepy experience such as seeing ghosts with their own eyes. Following are the 10 times celebrities had terrifying experience with ghosts.

Be warned, this may mean no sleeping tonight!

1. IU and the manager

Singer IU saw a ghost when she was recording her song “YOU&I.”

When she saw her manager walking into the recording room and followed him there, she found out that the recording room was empty. She asked the engineer where her manager went, but he replied, “There were only two of us all along,” even though IU thought she had been with her manager up until then.

A moment later, just like the engineer had said, her manager walked out of a completely different room. IU’s entire body froze for a while because she was so scared.

2. Yoo Seung Ho and the ghost outside the window

Actor Yoo Seung Ho saw a ghost while filming the movie “The Way Home.”

At the time, he was sleeping on the first floor of the lodgings in the countryside. When he woke up in the middle of the night, he saw a ghost staring at him from outside the small window of the house.

Yoo Seung Ho said that although it happened when he was young, he still remembers the ghost as if he had seen it yesterday.

3. Choo Sung Hoon and the ghost that spoke to him

Martial artist Choo Sung Hoon also had a scary experience in the middle of the day.

As he was standing at an intersection in Tokyo waiting for the signals to change, he saw a person wearing long sleeves even though it was summer. He thought, “Wearing hot sleeves when it’s so hot, is it a ghost?”

When the signals changed and he was walking across the street, the person in the long sleeves walked past Choo Sung Hoon and said,…

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